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#1 2024-04-21 23:43:21

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TWO startup splash screens?

Last weekend, I finally had the courage to upgrade my Chimaera PC to Daedalus, by carefully following the step-by-step instructions that I found on the Devuan main site.

No big problems. Just minor stuff, like still seeing the Chimaera desktop background image, and having to look for the replacement default Daedalus desktop background images.

All together, it was the smoothest, most trouble-free upgrade I've ever installed in Devuan (and I started with ASCII, years ago).

So far after a week, everything in Daedalus seems to work perfectly, and it's very trouble-free.

But one thing that I couldn't figure out is that when Devuan first boots up, I see the normal GRUB menu, but before my desktop appears, I see two of what I think are called "splash screens," a new Daedalus one AND the old Chimaera one.

I've just been living with it that way, because, except for making me wonder what went wrong in the upgrade, it doesn't cause any trouble at all. So, if there isn't a simple fix for it, I'll just live with it the way it is.

But is there a simple fix for it?

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