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#1 2024-03-03 20:52:59

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Airplane Mode Button only toggling Wifi, not Bluetooth


i have an older laptop now running Devuan 5.0 ,
it has dedicated Thinkpad Buttons and F8 is supposed to toggle Wireless/On/Off<

now my issue is that whenever when Laptop wake from sleep, Wifi is on (again), instead i have toggled it OFF via F8.
next issue is that F8 Button is supposed to toggle all Wireless *atleast that is what i understand under it
but Bluetooth is not toggled and remains running and i see no toggle to Switch On/Off bluetooth.

nmcli radio wifi
sudo service bluetooth status
bluetooth is running.

i am using XFCE which is standard for Devuan, maybe there lies the problem?

thank you very much.


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