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#1 2024-02-27 10:42:03

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Audacity audio recording from KDE

Does anyone know how to get Audacity recording from KDE? Whatever recording device I choose it records a blank signal (no noise or anything present, just zeroes).

(Seems to work on normal Debian FWIW)


#2 2024-02-27 14:49:46

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Re: Audacity audio recording from KDE

I used to use Audacity but some years ago changed to Reaper. I always found Audacity tricky to use. Reaper is a more full blown audio/midi app but I find it easier to configure.

I assume you're recording some mono or stereo input? If so, Alsa would do nicely. In Reaper you can activate Alsa and at the same time deactivate Pulseaudio (if you have it). Alsa is the basis of all sound and has the lowest latency.

One advantage with Reaper, is that you can very easily use compressors, reverbs, EQ and more on your recording. I found Audacity harder to use and manage sound in.

Reaper is free to use and Linux native, with thousands of native plugins:

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