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#51 Yesterday 04:09:49

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Re: Securing my/our computer systems

Hi, I run a script as well as from time to time look at grc's shields-up.

nmap -v -A
nmap -v -sS -p1-9000 -iL > /home/glenn/build/logs/ip/ip.txt (edit, added redirection > to file)

and for local net info...
netstat -r
netstat -i

and amongst that script I also have,
lynis audit system -Q --pentest

@aluma, I haven't seen that response from shields-up since I stopped using M$win

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Re: Securing my/our computer systems

I run lynis and netstat once in a while and the results are not extensive as there's no wifi, print or other server running. I've used ss to see what's listening but haven't worked with nmap. Also run cli bleachbit with a script deleting dot dir files in mozilla, cache and local/share. And like many, run conky to spot odd usage.


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