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#1 2024-01-16 14:19:08

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[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 21.1.11


Just got this in my box.


This release contains fixes for the issues reported in today's security
advisory: … 61525.html

* CVE-2023-6816
* CVE-2024-0229
* CVE-2024-21885
* CVE-2024-21886
* CVE-2024-0408
* CVE-2024-0409

Additionally, it also contains a fix for XRandR to allow for multiple virtual
monitors on a physical display.

José Expósito (2):
       Xi: do not keep linked list pointer during recursion
       xserver 21.1.11

Michael Wyraz (1):
       Removing the code that deletes an existing monitor in RRMonitorAdd

Olivier Fourdan (2):
       glx: Call XACE hooks on the GLX buffer
       ephyr,xwayland: Use the proper private key for cursor

Peter Hutterer (6):
       dix: allocate enough space for logical button maps
       dix: Allocate sufficient xEvents for our DeviceStateNotify
       dix: fix DeviceStateNotify event calculation
       Xi: when creating a new ButtonClass, set the number of buttons
       Xi: flush hierarchy events after adding/removing master devices
       dix: when disabling a master, float disabled slaved devices too

git tag: xorg-server-21.1.11 … .11.tar.gz
SHA256: 1aa0ee1adad0b2db7f291f3823a4ab240c7f4aea710e89f5ef4aa232b6833403  xorg-server-21.1.11.tar.gz
SHA512: e41bf71955691e66084a67fc20643632087f0326d5eddc31e6edd118d05005b8ab536738c181f4c352f331ec8fc8f23ae1b45f237592fa5d7eddbffe43638b08  xorg-server-21.1.11.tar.gz
PGP: … tar.gz.sig





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