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#26 2024-01-03 21:07:35

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Re: [SOLVED] How to fix unicode text, it's showing as a box

quickfur wrote:

Interesting, on my browser it's showing up as rendered from a Chinese font (fonts-wqy-zenhei).

Thanks for the hint. I installed a Korean font and now I can see it. Yay! [BTW, how can you tell it is rendered on your system via a Chinese font?]

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help.


#27 2024-01-03 21:38:58

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Re: [SOLVED] How to fix unicode text, it's showing as a box

In firefox, ctrl-shift-I to open web developer tools, click on the select arrow (upper left) to select an element, select the piece of text containing the offending character, then on the right panel select "fonts" to see the fonts used to render that bit of text.

I'm not sure if the underlying problem is actually solved; this particular character ought to be in many of the fonts we recommended that you should install, so I'm not sure why it only shows up when a Korean font is installed. I suspect there's still something fishy with your font config; it shouldn't need a Korean font to be able to find a suitable glyph for this character, since you've already installed many fonts that, ostensibly, should already include it.


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