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#1 2023-12-14 00:45:03

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Problems with seatd wayland labwc

I use stable (Daedalus) release with two packages from testing (Excalibur), because are not in stable: labwc and its dependency wlroots11 (dependencies of two packages are in stable with compatible versions). When I tried to launch labwc with /home/myuser/.run seatd-launch labwc, a error shows: socket file found at socket path /run/seatd.sock, refusing to start. Is a rare error, in Google the exact search shows 2 results, looks like a change in the code from 0.6.x to 0.7 in seatd. Delete /run/seatd.sock before trying again no change nothing.
Anyone uses a Wayland window manager in Daedalus (not sway, it have polkit dependencies, I don't have installed polkit/dbus/consolekit/elogind/etc) like wayfire and runs good? I never use Wayland, maybe error is in other place, but the message only mark seatd.


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