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#1 2023-12-06 16:51:06

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Using seatd in Chimaera

Looking at there's seatd is 0.7 for daedalus (bookworm), and 0.5 for chimaera (bullseye).
Contrasting that to where seatd is 0.7 for bookworm, and 0.7 for bullseye-backports.

The Devuan package page for 0.5.0-1 has "Origin: Devuan" which suggests it was manually added to Chimaera?

If so, is the manual addition preventing Amprolla from automatically pulling 0.7.0-6~bpo11+1 from bullseye-backports to chimaera-backports, or is there some other reason that this is not coming across?

Also, the dependencies for libseat1 are seatd | logind, libc6 (>= 2.33), libsystemd0 (>= 238) - shouldn't that be seatd | logind | libsystemd0 (>= 238), libc6 (>= 2.33) ?



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