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Best way to decouple autostarting daemons from WM in dotfiles?

Hi all,

I'm tinkering to make my config more modular, and want to decouple autostarting some daemons from my WM e.g. udiskie, transmission-daemon, mpd, etc. I was wondering what the best way to do that was via dotfiles?

I remove these autostarting via services because by default my user can't access my music library via mpd, or  interact with the transmission-daemon etc. so I currently have them started via my WM's config file e.g.

(in ~/.config/i3/config)

exec --no-startup-id mpd
exec --no-startup-id transmission-daemon


My goal is to make my setup a bit more modular so that if/when I jump ship to a different WM, I won't need to configure as much. My first thought was to put these in ~/.bash_profile because I sometimes don't even run an X environment and just use a tty. However that felt off to me somehow because I've not heard of it before.

Anyone have any reckons or any experience with this? Is putting this stuff in ~/.bash_profile ok? Or should I be using the services better? Something else? Ideally it's something I can write into a config somewhere to manage as part of my dotfiles repo.

Very keen to learn what other people do and also what would be technically "correct", if applicable.

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