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#1 2023-09-17 04:30:02

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web pages flash/thrash with recent Firefox updates

On Devuan 4 chimaera on amd64, using Firefox ESR, last night one of the pages to pay a Waste Management bill flashed/thrashed and did not load, and I was not able to pay the bill.  Today, there was an update to 102.15.1esr-1~deb11u1.  Just now, running the updated Firefox version, an Ebay page to show an order I had just placed flashed/thrashed several times and then sent me to a Captcha page.  After correctly selecting the specified pages, the browser went back to flashing/thrashing and then to Captcha--rinse, repeat.  Which combination of the following hypotheses is closer to correct:

- Firefox ESR has gone buggy and is no longer reliable
- Websites are (via malice or incompetence) punishing Firefox by making the sites not work with Firefox
- My social credit score is too low, so Firefox and/or the websites are punishing me
- (other)


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