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#1 2023-08-30 11:58:45

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Long story about moving all my machines to Devuan.

I've been using linux since 1998-ish starting with Yellow Dog Linux. Then Ubuntu since 2007 and then Arch since 2012-ish. Then Devuan on my DAW PC about two tears ago. Still using Ubuntu 18.04 on my streaming/gaming/TV main PC. I haven't used Windose at home since ten years, at least.

Because I have a big disliking to Systemd, I've been holding off updating Ubuntu till now. But today I'm working on transferring all my files, settings, games and whatnot from my Ubuntu to a new Devuan install.  It's a process but it's coming along nicely.

I've already got Devuan Daedalus booting my newer hardware with faster CPU and Graphics. I'm physically moving disks from machine to machine and had a UEFI hurdle at start. Turned out it was a missing jumper on the new machine on the clear RTC/CMOS pins. (after changing CMOS battery and upgrading Bios)  Fixed that and then began testing games on Steam and Playonlinux. Seems that I can just copy all the installation directories from disk to disk, without reinstalling. Good! Already tested a couple of games and they worked fine. Nice!

As said, I do not like Systemd at all, but I also don't like the way Ubuntu and others are going with Flatpak, Snap and other bloat. The turning point for me was when in Ubuntu, Systemd took over DNS resolving in one of its services. It created a lag when surfing immediately noticeable and unacceptable. Together with other Systemd problems like with Journald and it's huge files and the very cumbersome process of creating or editing services, it's very reassuring that some people - like Devuan team- see this and act accordingly.

I'm very thankful to Devuan for allowing me to have a complete DAW and a complete entertainment platform fully functioning and easily managed too! Devuan repo's are full of all you need and easy to safely install. I strongly recommend Devuan to each and all!

Thanks Devuan team!


#2 2023-08-30 13:25:18

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Re: Long story about moving all my machines to Devuan.

It's lovely to read positive comments! Thank you.
If things are good it's good to tell that too. And I personally haven't found a single negative aspect of Devuan 5 yet.
All our systems now run Devuan5 - and before it was Devuan - many years already. Stability, freedom, sensible selection of software and an exciting community. What more is there to wish?
We have to thank the developers, the community, the "Veteran Unix Adminstrators"... a great bravissimo to them.


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