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#1 2023-08-28 20:24:55

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Jellyfin on flatpak, used to work on devuan 4 but very slow ondevuan 5

I have atom D525 CPU NAS. It used to have jellyfin installed while on devuan 4. I think it was standalone jellyfin install, not flatpak. But it was working perfectly, the playback on movies was not slow or anything. It was good enough. But on devuan 5 I installed it as a flatpak. It's extremely slow on media playback. Like really slow. Mind you when I connect to this machine via sftp and play videos with mpv it's extremely fast. How to solve this? It keeps stopping every 3 seconds, can't watch anything at all.

UPDATE: I removed flatpak version and installed version for debian bookworm instead. I still have problems but it seems it's only problematic for H265 videos, H264's work fine.

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