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#1 2023-08-28 20:01:31

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a new sudo?

oui wrote:

Hi, As my new project «Just:Ceres» did only a little interest (actually only 229 visits, partially also from me myself), I did go back today to my precedent goal: use Crowz 5.0 amd 64 as some kind of rolling distribution under Ceres. In the last times, it was not possible: after the upgrade to Ceres it did not start any more (probably caused by superior problems as kernel! But no message on the screen, no possibility to search and find some solution...).

But, today, I have a Crowz amd64 seeing to be working well in Ceres. The only problem:

My installation is a really big installation : size 27.58 GB / used 10,27 GB (including some packages like «Anbox»

I will try in the next days to use this Linux more to test  his "tolerance" with my vision of Linux and perhaps (try parallel the same with Star Linux 32 bit. For me are i686 enormous important: they continue to be the most present Personal Computers in the world! Our "civilization" can not continue to produce such quantity of material only to produce more profit for the producers!!! Such civilization is not a civilization but horror pure!!!!

fsmithred wrote:


Please start a new thread for your sudo problem, and please provide any error messages that you got and a description of what did not work.


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