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#1 2023-07-08 16:38:28

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lingering boot problems after installation (just to share exoerience)

I had problems after the first install:
Which seemed to be solved, but had ongoing problems with the next boots. It was mainly erratic, some (but not all) the situations I faced:
-Grub text prompt (instead of the menu)
-just a blinking cursor
-(after messing with the BIOS/UEFI): "no OS detected"
-in rescue mode: "cannot mount /dev/sda2. Device is busy" in the logs

Messed around in the bios which made system unbootable at all.

In the end, what I found as the source was the hardware installation of the system disk (ssd):
I have a rackmount case with hot swappable 3,5" bays.
So the signal line from the board to the ssd was like this:
boardconnector -> satacable -> backplane connector -> bay connector -> HDD Adapter 2,5to3,5 -> ssd connector (that makes 4 connector links in the chain.
Connected the ssd with the sata cable directly to the board (2 connector links) and the system boots like a charm)

My main suspect is the 2,5to3,5 adapter, since the hdds in the bays seem to work fine.
Still a pain to know I have to disassemble the case, if I ever have to replace the system disk, though


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