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#1 2017-08-07 08:11:29

From: Any witch way
Registered: 2017-07-12
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Bleeding edge Devuan + Linux 4.12

On another system I had mouse freezing up with 4.13 so I will not go that far yet.
4.12 seems at the moment to be running fine.

Am I pushing it for a break?  I think it still has some tuning and fixing to go.

$ neofetch
   ..,,;;;::;,..                   dev1@GX755
           `':ddd;:,.              ----------
                 `'dPPd:,.         OS: Devuan GNU/Linux unstable (ceres) x86_64
                     `:b$$b`.      Model: OptiPlex 755
                        'P$$$d`    Kernel: 4.12.0-trunk-amd64
                         .$$$$$`   Uptime: 22 mins
                         ;$$$$$P   Packages: 1598
                      .:P$$$$$$`   Shell: bash 4.4.12
                  .,:b$$$$$$$;'    Resolution: 1920x1080
             .,:dP$$$$$$$$b:'      DE: LXDE
      .,:;db$$$$$$$$$$Pd'`         WM: Openbox
,db$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b:'`             WM Theme: Onyx-Citrus
:$$$$$$$$$$$$b:'`                  Theme: Mist [GTK2/3]
`$$$$$bd:''`                      Icons: Mate [GTK2/3]
   `'''`                           Terminal: lxterminal
                                   CPU: Intel 2 Duo E6550 (2) @ 2.333GHz
                                   GPU: Intel Q35
                                   GPU: Intel Q35
                                   Memory: 263MiB / 3813MiB


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