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#1 2023-02-07 18:40:39

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Thinkfan on AMD Laptop?

Hello ,

i have an older A.series AMD Laptop which is really nice and got off Ebay for good price.

Unfortunaltely the CPU is not so strong and wont cope well with Windows
which is probably a secret blessing so i am now here on Devuan hopeing to get a good experience.

The fan curve is most annoying, it seems the older APU 7th series generates more heat than modern processors,
so i was hoping to tweak the fancurve as i could previously on other computers (eg. macmini running debian wheezy).

found this guide here, but it is for modern processor, and it has systemd implementation.

maybe some of you have already achieved a similar result on a AMD Laptop?
Other than fan-noise, and sometimes bit underwhelming processing, which is fine, the Laptop is beautiful.

here is the guide for reference

thank you very much.


#2 2023-02-07 19:07:12

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Re: Thinkfan on AMD Laptop?

The only systemd-specific stage in that blog post is to enable the service but the thinkfan package does actually supply an init script, which is nice.

So instead of

# systemctl enable thinkfan


# update-rc.d thinkfan defaults

For the suspend/resume functionality see

The only caveat here is that the thinkfan package is not available for Devuan chimaera but the laptop is old so beowulf would probably be fine if you don't mind the older packages. Note that daedalus is still under development so you might encounter problems with that. Whatever you do don't try to add the daedalus repositories to a chimaera system, that's always a bad idea.

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