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#1 2023-01-10 16:16:33

Carolina In My Mind
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do we not have xfce4-notes in the repositories?

Hello. New Devuan user. I have all the repositories activated (except the deb-src), but can't find xfce4-notes. Does this distro not use it, for some reason?

If we don't have it, would there be a problem if I acquired the package and installed it manually?

EDit: I instead added a Buster repo and got the package from there.

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#2 2023-01-10 18:39:15

From: London
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Re: do we not have xfce4-notes in the repositories?

The buster version needs libunique, which is abandoned upstream and unmaintained. Having it on your system might expose it to vulnerabilities, which is why it was removed for the bullseye release: … =%23885813

You should probably check what else has been pulled from buster:

aptitude search '?narrow(?installed, ?archive(oldstable))'

The Devuan developers do not recommend adding Debian repositories.

A new version of xfce4-notes which does not rely on an unmaintained package has been uploaded to Debian's experimental repositories: … erimental/

I do not recommend attempting to install it from experimental though. You could try backporting it instead. That might work.

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