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#1 2023-01-05 19:45:39

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Cockpit Alternatives

So last night I made the switch to Devuan but I found out cockpit is on the banned app list. My first reaction is to use Webmin instead, but wasn't too know the opinions of others before just jumping straight to my first thought. What are your recommendations. I want a webgui to monitor basics stats, set up smb/nfs shares, cron jobs, and if possible: user management and zfs pools.


#2 2023-01-25 10:44:33

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Re: Cockpit Alternatives

Hi Hararune,
Theres 3 Cockpit alternatives listed here: … tools.html
1. aaPanel
2. Ajenti Server Admin Panel (could need systemd)
3. Webmin
Another 10 Cpanel tools listed here: … panel.html
and a Wikipedia entry that uses a table to list the properties of each Cpanel: … rol_panels
I've only used Webmin and that was a few years before ZFS.
Web management of the ZFS would be very nice to have.
Best wishes exploring !


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