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#1 2022-08-13 16:54:58

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Migrant - a new migration script

There is now a new migration script available that I have written. It's called Migrant, and  you can get it from Debian's Salsa.

It was developed and tested only with one migration in mind, namely Bullseye to Chimaera.

It is slightly enigmatic. Not because I'm lazy, but because that's what I want it to be. Sorry to all interested but less advanced.

In the local landscape, it falls near rrq's script. Not so much though, as they strongly diverge in various ways, so beware of false expectations. There are three noteworthy similarities:

1. It requires a cable connection. This is both a sefety measure and a vulnerability at the same time. While it reduces the network stack, it also requires it during multiple phases. It would be safer to work with downloaded packages. And it would be handy to have the wireless supported. These two are TODOs. Good enough for a simple beginning though.

2. If you run it from a terminal, use a kernel tty. I made this a somewhat strict requirement. If you outsmart the pts check, it may backfire. This is easy to do, as no controlling terminal is required.

3. Any GUI present in the original OS may be removed. Migrant offers no replacement though, unless you program it yourself.

To learn more about Migrant, you will have to read the script.

Final word. I will most likely have no time to maintain or develop Migrant further in the foreseeable future. Willing and able may step in.


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