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#1 2022-08-03 18:32:58

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Trouble installing Devuan with sysvinit (netinstall)

In netinstall, If I choose sysvinit, there's a question from where I will boot with options: (1) blank, you must specify yourself (2) /dev/sda (entire HDD) (3) /dev/sdb (installation media). I chose (2) /dev/sda, but when I finished installation, eject installation media and reboot, it didn't enter grub menu - but it entered BIOS menu.

What's wrong?

I finally enter grub menu successfully after I change the init to openRC. And that question didn't appear.

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#2 2022-08-08 00:05:42

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Re: Trouble installing Devuan with sysvinit (netinstall)

Do you have a GPT or MBR partition?
What commands did you use to install grub and its configuration?

You might be missing a grub config. It happened to me on another distro. Sometimes grub doesn't detect the linux kernel, just the BIOS, so it only makes a menu entry to enter the BIOS when you boot up! So you just needed to edit the grub.cfg probably, or let it try to generate a new config when you tried a second time.

As for why?? I can't say I know yet, still learning lol

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#3 2022-08-08 14:19:15

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Re: Trouble installing Devuan with sysvinit (netinstall)

You should have used 1) & entered /dev/sda1, or similar

/dev/sda is the whole disk, if it is partitioned it won't work.

/dev/sdb is most likely what you are installing from, such as a pendrive.


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