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#1 2022-03-13 15:44:02

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Linux Mint Devuan Edition

Hello people...
I was trying to migrate from a linux mint debian edition to a linux mint devuan edition but i failed.
Here's the deal. I know we can migrate from debian to devuan following the instructions on and maybe the script on devuan's git. I tried both ways and always had trouble.  The trouble begun after i was trying to upgrade i think. I know others have done what i am talking successfully. Some of them installed mint repos on top of devuan too making what i want but the opposite way.
Any suggestions ? Any step by step guide ?

Thank you!


#2 2022-03-14 11:33:30

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Re: Linux Mint Devuan Edition

I would say you might need to migrate to plain debian from mint first and then try to migrate a working debian system to devuan second, so two migrations maybe? But that would be a waste of time seeing as you want a devuan mint system, you probably need to go in the opposite direction and install devuan first and enable mint repositories.

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