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#1 2022-01-05 15:22:01

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Cindii - Debbowulf news

It appears there is no need to upgrade from LMDE2 to LMDE3 with sysvinit-core held, in order to preserve that init for a smooth crossover to devuan. You can simply install sysvinit-core and elogind into LMDE3 Cindy, the only difference being is that you don't have the boot time init choice like in LMDE2, the systemd boot option is gone.

So having got our Cindy rebooted into sysv, it's easy to switch over to ascii and get rid of systemd entirely. The only packages removed were caja, mate-control-center, and mate-panel. I used synaptic but apt is as good.

You'll find the machine might not shut down when trying to reboot into sysv, so rather than pulling the plug or smothering the power button, as administrator type:

cat >> /dev/watchdog

Hit return (Enter) twice, and go make a cup of tea while the hardware watchdog does the reboot for you, in a few minutes.

Upgrading to Debbowulf was equally smooth. Can't wait to try LMDE5 with Chimaera, Essiemaera!
Or Essaera?


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