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#1 2021-10-17 20:41:04

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(devuan star 64) how to change the /etc/alternatives properly?

devuan star is really a genial minimal installation!

changing a few number of applications can give to the system really more power:

- nemo is for those having a strong hierarchic organisation of their files a better view as "tree" works very good in nemo (as well as icon symbols for the files also in the overview) ; the amount of occupied hard disk, the "price" also, of this change exists, yes, but it is very low

- seamonkey gives to the system the advantages of firefox without restriction plus

> good mail client (the direct continuation of the email management of the old real Mozilla suite!)
> one of the two unique HTML editors with wysiwyg ability
> great managiement of the window surface as you can shut down and restore 3 top bars hitting only 1 time each bar on the virtual key left. it is VERY precious for all using often graphic applications in the web (maps, ways routing, pictures processing etc.)
> (probably able to manage) IRC for those using IRC
> breaks the monopolist position of firefox ;-) else it gives access to the same comfort!

but the standard access to those functions in the (good organized) JWM menu is through the etc/alternatives! I am not accustomed to change those parameters as usually the /usr/share/applications/*.destop do that for the user!

and in the manpages as well as on the web, no concrete example to find for those two classic as well as most frequent changes (I continue to use willing also xedit, as well as gv! I am accustomed with the special view on the docs and keys usage and can work fast with both; I know, it is not so frequent... but I also will interchange it). it seems (in an English discussion at an ubuntu blackboard that perhaps the browser can not be through /etc/alternatives.

how to manage correctly those 4 little adaptations problems?

note: I did of course try if I can do it with update-alternatives but without success, perhaps because I did try it on the x-www-browser, see above comment found in the ubuntu blackboard. or why i did not understand really the manpage! this is the reason why I would prefer a concrete example...

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