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#1 2021-10-12 18:45:38

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gvfsd and fusermount

edit: running Devuan amd64 for about a month now

Upon performing a "ps -e | less"  I notice two processes: gvfsd and fusermount.

In a previous distro, those were not present in a ps, though fuse was part a working part of that distro.  Odd, as the only time I remember using fuse over a year ago was for mounting a windows partition.  There is no windows on this computer now so I don't understand why a fuse-related anything would be started immediately every boot.

What I've been able to ascertain from research is that these may be daemons that do things that just don't apply to my workflow at all.

Can I (somehow) stop gvfsd and fusermount from being started a boot time?  And if so, what will break?

Thank you.

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