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#1 2021-04-06 05:54:43

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[SOLVED] Does anybody know the installation program for Simplicity Linux

With great fear and trepidation I am asking for help here. Obviously it's not possible to ask at because it's down (which ought to tell me to run from it).

I am asking because I live in a third world country and Internet is a luxury that I struggle having and if I have to waste bandwidth it would really hurt. That is why I am looking at Simplicity Linux which is already beyond the size limit I would like. I also already wasted too much bandwidth getting Refracta because sadly the install program almost borked my computer. Any ways . . .

Could someone tell me if Simplicity Linux installs like a normal Debian system or if not what program does it use and how do I use it?

I appreciate any advise or info in advance . . .

P.S I am shying away from using Xfce (which has been my favorite for years now) because 4.16 breaks some plugins I need. So I am trying to future proof my system. Yeah, I always have to be the exception . . . wink


#2 2021-04-06 12:17:09

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Re: [SOLVED] Does anybody know the installation program for Simplicity Linux


cycle_mycle wrote:

... great fear and trepidation ...

No need for that.
There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

cycle_mycle wrote:

Simplicity Linux ...

Here you go:


Simplicity Linux is a Devuan-based distribution with Cinnamon as the default desktop environment (prior to 2020 it was based on Puppy Linux and Xfce). It comes in three editions: Mini, Desktop and Gaming. The Mini edition features cloud-based software, the Desktop flavour offers a collection of general-purpose software, and the Gaming variant includes a launcher for Steam games.

Download links:

All files:
Desktop: … iles/20.4/
Mini iso: … ini204.iso
Just X: … x/X204.iso

General discussion:

Installation should be straightforward but I'd look to use for something else.
ie; not an apparently abandoned project.



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#3 2021-04-06 14:14:53

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Re: [SOLVED] Does anybody know the installation program for Simplicity Linux

Not trying to dissuade you from simplicity linux, but you may be better off using star linux.

As far as i am aware star linux installs like a debian installation with graphical user setup etc.

The files sizes for say an openbox window manager desktop are nicely sized at 650MB download.

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#4 2021-04-06 23:24:26

From: Philippines
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Re: [SOLVED] Does anybody know the installation program for Simplicity Linux

Thank you Altoid for your encouraging reply.

I learned from you that sourceforge has a discussion area which did help me. Although it helped me to decide against using Simplicity Linux (which is just as well) due to the discussions that were posted (not that they were bad or rude). It does seem like an abandoned project.

I was already thinking it was but my logic was that I would have been putting it on an ancient laptop and it'll stay there permanently with no further upgrades.

Still you were very helpful and i sincerely appreciate that.

Thank you dice for you suggestion, as it turns out, I'll just stay with Star and -- like I mentioned above keep it at 2.1 (kirk) without ever upgrading. What your post inspired me to do is just continue improving it and be satisfied with its little quirks.

I have to conclude that every thing I put on this old laptop is going to have something or another that isn't exactly perfect and I'll just learn to be content with it.

Both of you were most helpful, thank you!


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