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#1 2020-11-18 20:52:48

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Raspberry Pi ASCII install issue. (pkgmaster)

As an f.y.i...

I installed the latest official Devuan build for a Pi3 today ( an ASCII, there is no official Beowulf build ) and started to customize it and ran into problems.

As published, the ASCII release uses '' in it's apt sources.list.  But it appears at least one of the two DNS entries for pkgmaster is lacking some of the download .deb packages. 

The chip flashing went OK as did my apt-get update. And an apt-get upgrade of the base package appeared to go OK, but when I went to do a task-mate-desktop install, all heck broke loose.  Lots of Err and 404 messages.  I tried some individual package installs, some went OK, some failed. 

Getting frustrated, I started google. :-|

Finding references to using '' as the preferred sources.list target, I made the change from 'pkgmaster.' to 'deb.' in /etc/apt/sources.list

And everything Just Worked (tm) after the apt update.   

The interesting thing here was, although I'd already done an 'upgrade' using 'pkgmaster.', when I did another after changing to 'deb.', there were yet some more package updates made...

My take-away:  That 'pkgmaster' is either out of date or hasn't been tracking the packages required for ASCII arm64 systems...

A suggestion:  Update the 'official' Devuan arm64 image for arm64 (and probably others) to use in the apt/sources.list file.
[ My image download was: … pi3.img.xz ]

For anyone encountering this problem:

Do a (sudo) 'sed -i "s:pkgmaster:deb:" /etc/apt/sources.list'  followed by an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.

As always: YMMV



#2 2020-12-01 03:43:06

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Re: Raspberry Pi ASCII install issue. (pkgmaster)

More f.y.i.:

It appears the 'pkgmaster' problem was due to a bad DNS round-robin to a defunct/non-responsive package repository.

And has since been resolved...

Thanx to whomever !


#3 2020-12-01 06:16:40

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Re: Raspberry Pi ASCII install issue. (pkgmaster)

hello Dave,
yes the sources.list should point to:

Is also good to update the ntp, sometimes it won't work without it sad
if you have 'ntpdate' installed:

ntpdate server_ip

If you have 'ntp', then

ntpq -p

should do the trick smile

well, you are right, the image should be updated to beowulf( and with that, the sources.list ).

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