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#26 2020-06-21 20:07:48

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Re: [Solved] Why no netinst ISO for arm?

I agree and marked the thread as solved, since the "netinst.iso" and the "mini.iso" seem to be equivalent.

To those interested in the RPI support topic: Feel free to start a new thread.


#27 2020-06-22 15:01:12

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Re: [Solved] Why no netinst ISO for arm?

tuxd3v wrote:

Go ahead and test them smile
some would support 4GB Ram, some maybe 8GB Ram( ShorTie,C0rnelius, MetaYan? )

As far as I know, the images support all versions of the RPi4 and if setup, can also USB boot.
As for the kernel, the builder supports 4.19LTS, 5.4LTS and branches as high as 5.7.y. (currently)
There is also a mainline branch, for those who wanna test kernels without the foundation patch set applied.
I've yet to include Devuan in that branch, but that shouldn't stop anyone from using it to compile a kernel and installing it in Devuan.


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