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#1 2020-05-22 07:56:05

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Proxmox on Devuan

Please let me know if it is possible?

Can at least old version of Proxmox deb packages be installed on Devuan without systemD ?

This thread: … ost-281750

at least indicates someone tried to ask the same before me?

There is a new release: … sed.69646/

Which other virtualization manager you can suggest?

What about OpenNebula vs Proxmox?

I have installed OpenNebula on Devuan more than a year ago and it worked very well for me.

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#2 2020-10-31 01:49:56

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Re: Proxmox on Devuan

I've looked into running Proxmox without Systemd and gave up. The version prior to Systemd's integration is just too outdated and lack all the functionality that make the newer version of Proxmox attractive. The Proxmox developers have stated that Proxmox and Systemd are so intertwined that Proxmox can not function without it and they have no intention of taking on a separation task.

A fork or a different hypervisor manger seems the only practical solution. I do not have the resources to fork it.
I've looked at the OpenNebula site with states that CentOS is under the hood. CentOS depends on Systemd which bring us back to square one.

I think it may be possible to install Qemu ZFS and Ceph on Devuan but it would lack the web graphical user interface (WGUI) and other niceties Proxmox provides.


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