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set up a Canon Wireless printer, may help some other brands

How to set up a Canon wireless printer.

There are other methods but this tends to work across most distros. I assume you have set a
root password and not using sudo. Modify to suit. Target printer is a wireless printer Canon MG3060.

step 1....Skip if not interested.
Set up your wireless printer to have an unique address in your router settings. On a D-Link router you would add a rule and unique address is called "reserved IP address" on D-Links. YMMV

I suggest you turn off all wifi to your phones and not stream from TVs and the like, so the only wifi device showing up as connected will be your turned on printer. Otherwise you have to do a little extra checking. Different routers have different ways of doing this, but for my D-Link I set up a rule after clicking on home -> Connected Clients -> (find the wifi symbol connected devices and click the edit symbol to create a rule for it)
I show an image with blanked out MAC address for those interested in a completed rule.

This set up requires you to login to your router. It is independent of my Devuan cups setup but recommended because then I can look at my ink levels eg

Leave your printer turned on.

step 2
Check your daemons are running. If not running or not found, you may have to install some extra packages. They are included in beowulf.

# /etc/init.d/avahi-daemon status
Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon is running
# /etc/init.d/cups status
[ ok ] cupsd is running.
# /etc/init.d/cups-browsed status
[ ok ] cups-browsed is running.

If any daemon is not found in their directory, seek help on the forum. You may have a broken or missing package.

step 3
open your web browser to this page.

click the Add Printer button. Do not click the Find New Printer you have yet to save a root password for this session. A dialog box will appear. The only username you can enter is root.
If you disabled sudo, the password will be the root password otherwise it will be the sudoers password.

All files under /etc/cups are owned by root. Adding files to that dir requires the root password, but Cups config files remember your root password for this session only. So if you need to add 2 printers, the second printer can be found by starting it up after completing your first printer....and clicking the Find New Printer button.

After entering those details, with the daemons active, Cups should detect your networked printer.

step 4
Choose the best fit for your detected printer. IMHO for example its the bottom of the 2 choices I am offered.
Click the Continue button

step 5
If you have 2 printers of the same make and model, the next screen allows you to set a location.
Click the Continue button

step 6
The next option is to choose a maker and model. Assuming your distro has the printer model software installed, do not choose the first screen selection but scroll down to see if a better model shows up. For me, the default screen wanted model = MG3000 but by scrolling down I found my correct model

Now if no maker or models show up, please search the forum or internet for printer driver for your make and model. Otherwise click the Add Printer button at bottom of screen.

step 7

Includes multiple pages showing on image. You should know what type of inks you have, 3 inks 4 inks laser cartridge etc.
So for me, I choose size A4 and CYMK

I won't expand on each link below but point out some settings you may like, as defaults?

The second link called Printer Features Common allows you to set the ink set to one, if you have run out of ink such as black. It is also where you can change from default of portrait to landscape.

Output control common is where you can change from "mixed Text and Graphics" to "Photograph" if that is the main use of printer.

Once you have changed any that suit the Set Defaults button.

Remember you can modify these settings later. Please remember you have a scroll bar for some settings too.

extra information
Printer driver.
Not everyone will have a printer that Devuan has pre-installed.
Canon, Epson uses Gutenprint.
HP can use Gutenprint for some models but users probably better off using hplip and running root powered

hp-setup … l/hp_setup

If not sure what driver your model might use check

For the more sensitive humans out there, be aware they may display both non-free and open source drivers.

Printer job fails...turn debugging.
click this link
Click the button for Edit Configuration File
edit the line near the top that reads "LogLevel warn" so it reads
LogLevel debug
click the button Save Changes
If you make this change quickly enough, the change will not ask for a password but if you have left it too long expect a dialog box to ask for your root and root (or sudoers) password

If you can not work it out after a search of your log, post a question in the forum.

Sharing printers
Means sharing the printer you just set up with another computer. Normally on the same local network but internet printing is possible. To see if sharing is enabled, go to your printer status page
click on the printer to get more details, example of not shared
To change to shared, try this----(No need to modify printer or delete)
click on
Tick the box against "Share printers connected to this system"
click the button to Save Settings.
(You may have a root password dialog appear if not already input this session)
You will see that the cups server refreshes
then go back to the printers status page to see new result.

good luck

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