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devuan on AtomicPi router

I've been meaning to try devuan as a router / firewall so little guide using the Atomic Pi which costs USD$35 !


Genuine Intel Atom x5-Z8350 quad core with 2M Cache. Runs up to 1.92GHz with a 480MHz GPU.
Memory: 2GB DDR3L-1600, 16GB eMMC, SD slot for adding more - up to 256GB
Full HDMI port with Intel HD Graphics & primary audio out
USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports
Fast dual band WiFI b/g/n/ac 2.4 & 5GHz WiFi RT5572 IPX connectors on board
Bluetooth 4.0 CR8510
Gigabit hardwired RJ45 Ethernet RTL8111G
Peripheral 9-axis inertial navigation sensor with compass BNO055
Secondary XMOS audio output with class-D power amp.
TTL serial debug and expansion serial ports up to 3.6Mbps
Real time clock & battery
JST style connectors on top and a 26-pin header for power & GPIO below.
Runs on 5V. Typically 4-15 watts.
Legitimate licensed BIOS boots from SD, USB, or Ethernet. Linux comes preloaded... Yes, it'll run Win10 32 or 64.

Used this guide as a starting point. Used unbound for local dns reslover and a few other changes to traffic shaping and metrics; using prometheus and grafana

Since its a regular x86_64 PC nothing crazy:

1) Make devuan USB and boot from USB stick

On OSX/*nix thats :

dd if=<devuan.iso> of=/dev/<usb> bs=4m

2) Install devuan server minimal

3) Upgrade to Beowulf

[ guide for steps 2-3: ]

4) Install and configure router software [this guide]


4) Install and configure router software


    $ sudo apt install \
    dnsmasq # dhcp server \
    unbound # recursive dns resolver \
    iptables-netflow-dkms # netflow kernel modules \
    firehol #ip blocking \
    fireqos #qos scripts

Using a USB 3.0 to Gigabit adapter + the internal NIC, easily routes 1 Gbps with QoS

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