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#1 2018-10-17 02:37:22

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I captured the Devuan blockchain domains

So... as domain registries embark upon their everlasting quest to become parodies of themselves... singing along in merriment with the endorsement of their respective cultures... I thought it would be just dandy to go ahead and brutally capture some blockchain-based domains that require something stronger than "reasons" to seize.

So... I have devuan.bit and devuan.lib both set on redirects to

And yes it works. The OpenNIC resolvers (some of them!) will reply properly.

If you want me to set them to your nameservers instead of mine give me a shout. Right now that mountain of people that went out of their way to configure their systems to use blockchain DNS servers is totally bouncing off my server and going to yours.

Honorable mentions include:

I might also possibly have control over debian.lib ... but ... nobody can prove it!

... unless they look at the record.
... then they might be able to prove it.

The world shall know what happened here.


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