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#1 2018-10-07 09:48:02

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AX - Run X server with WM/DE specified in the command line

For those like me who love to start in command line mode and if necessary run Xorg.

I like change WM/DE very often. I like lxde and openbox but I used gnome2 (in the past) and I use rarely kde and play with other WM/DE. Change .xinitrc is easy but not immediate and I developed several years ago a personal shell script. So when I want run lxde:

ax lxde

when I want run openbox:

ax openbox

... and so on.
Almost a year ago I rewrite this shell script to be suitable for distribution, I will be happy if it may be useful for someone:

Execute: ax [your_favorite_wmde]
for example:
ax lxde
ax kde
ax without parameters run last WM/DE or the default.

ax understands WM/DE reading $ETCPREFIX/etc/ax/client
(for me $ETCPREFIX is /usr/local).
"client" file has a very simple syntax:

for example:


I use everyday and works well but it is my personal case and it needs more tests.

Someone is interested in trying it out?

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