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#1 2017-07-01 00:15:11

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Fan speed

Now that I have a good an excellent working install of Devuan I have a question about the fan.

The box is an HP Pavilion G6 with an AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics.

The fan is cycling constantly which it doesn't do in Mint and doesn't overheat. I'm using Devuan to post this and the fan is cycling and the box ix barely even warm.

Is there a fan control package or a setting I can tweak to control this? It's certainly not critical but does get annoying in a quiet room.



#2 2017-07-01 23:40:19

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Re: Fan speed

I too noticed that Devuan makes more fan noise, ASCII more so; than say antiX, or Q4OS.
I run an older Compaq 3ghz Presario SR2172NX, ATI Radeon Xpression 1100.
Usually on youtube videos - I run them in 144p quality to keep the noise down.
FYI - gz

PS. I am on antiX right now - will throw in some Conky-type info
cpu 12-15%  ram 357M of 2.93G
will update with Devuan in a bit.
- - - - -   updated from Devuan64 Jessie
NOTE antiX was a 32bit install on a this dualcore system - icewm DE

devuan64 is running dual core per the (devuan) Mate desktop
both CPU are in the 15% range after a minute or so -- same
RAM is higher at approx  560M  -- but its a different desktop
THIS Mate desktop seems to run quieter than my usual Xfce/devuan

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