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#1 2017-06-10 14:40:51

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Upgrade to ascii

Just wanted to report that ascii seems stable and usable at the moment.  I upgraded from jessie to ascii and all went well, with the addition of a manual upgrade of xconf (it appears to be broken in ascii). 

change all jessie to ascii in /etc/apt/sources.list
=>apt-get update
=>apt-get dist-upgrade

then I manually installed an xfconf package 
=>dpkg -i xfconf_4.12.0-0mx150+1_amd64.deb

I believe Devuan xfconf problem has something to do with d-bus.  I chose to use an xfconf  package from MX Linux, because I have it installed on another pc; probably most any distro package would work.

Its nice having a more current system, much improved; xfce 4.12, kernel 4.x, libreoffice 5.2...., have had no problems.


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