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#1 2024-04-08 09:38:56

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Firefox Display Bugs and More

I'm using the default Firefox ESR and lately having interface issues with some sites.

First at github, some things wouldn't display for a few weeks but later it got fixed. Now I'm having similar issues with substack, getting worse with each of their frequent cosmetic updates. I suspect it has to do with ESR being old and site developers not taking support into account, but could be something else I guess.

Any advice?

Also I'm using Beowulf for 2-3 years now. Works well so far, but wondering if I should update and if an update is possible without (re)installing from scratch.

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#2 2024-04-09 15:14:24

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Re: Firefox Display Bugs and More

I am on Firefox 115.9.1 ESR on Daedalus too, and I can't complain about graphics or drawing errors. But I am not on github or substack.

Well, your OS is two releases back. Maybe your issues are related to some outdated libraries, don't know.

In any case you could update from Beowulf to Chimaera and in a second step from Chimaera to Daedalus. There is no reason why it is impossible. I have done as well upgrades as new installations on my end.

Anyhow, read the release notes and the upgrade instructions, make sure your Beowulf is up to date before starting the upgrade, and disable/remove all non-Devuan repos before you start the upgrade. On the top of this page is a link to There you can track down the release notes and upgrade instructions.


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