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#1 2024-03-21 19:36:03

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Dependency trees on are unstable

I noticed the debtree link for Chimaera and Daedalus packages go to the same page, even when there are differing dependencies.

Looking at the debtree man page, I'm guessing this is a limitation of that software:

man debtree wrote:

If multiple versions of a package are available, the dependency information for the highest available version will be used

Which, given the way is setup, suggests that the debtree is always going to represent the newest packages - i.e. whatever is in Ceres/unstable - and checking (e.g.) xserver-xorg-core confirms this to be the case.

I'm assuming that resolving this would be non-trivial, but it should be easy enough to add a suitable clarification to the output generated by the debtree-query.html script?



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