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#1 2024-03-08 21:54:56

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radicale not starting with init-script

I just installed radicale (calDAV server) on my home-server. (via apt)

Starting manually works with the config file:

radicale -D -C config

I can the reach the server and generate a calendar, which is accessible from Thunderbird

However the init-script fails me:

 root@homeserver# /etc/init.d/radicale start
Starting Radicale CalDAV server : radicale.
root@homeserver# /etc/init.d/radicale status
radicale is not running ... failed

I did enable the service before with:

 update-rc.d radicale enable

unfortunately the log-dir stays empty:



#2 2024-03-09 08:12:18

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Re: radicale not starting with init-script

Found the right hint, I guess.

Hadn't time to test it jet. I'll be back.


#3 2024-03-09 10:12:34

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Re: radicale not starting with init-script

Sadly the patch didn't work. I do have an idea where the problem lies, but don't know how to fix it.
The startscript defines this variable:


That's the default path for storing the calendar-files,
which later on is used in the script as location for the calendar file, which is odd, since you can define that in
Where I did this:

# Folder for storing local collections, created if not present
filesystem_folder = /data/ordnung/radicale/collections

I do find that a bit off. Why define the storage path i the init-script, if there is config file for that?

also the init-sscript has this comment:

# Description:          Start/Stop the Radicale CalDAV and CardDAV
#                       server, configurable via /etc/default/radicale.

and /etc/default/radicale looks like this:

# Defaults for radicale calendar server (sourced from /etc/init.d/radicale)

# If you want radicale to be started as a system service,
# enable it using the command 'update-rc.d radicale enable'

# Options for radicale on startup
# Note that most options can be specified in /etc/radicale/config

# Make initscript verbose, override system default
# (Note: This is ONLY about the initscript!)

If that seems a bit confused, you are right, I am...


#4 2024-03-09 10:33:38

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Re: radicale not starting with init-script

had a moment and curiosity got the best of me


that webpage has an incredible amount of information
(good to take it all in when you have the time, especially the "about" section)

also of additional note:

attempted to visit one of the links on that webpage:

and failed to find anything related to radicale but there was a notice dated 20230130 at ttps://


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#5 2024-03-09 10:44:55

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Re: radicale not starting with init-script

Yeah, I have been to most of it, but it seems the sysV is now left to the package maintainers.

I did open an bug here

the bug I posted earlier is marked closed:

But didn't fixed my problem. I could try to use the default storage location, but that would be in /var/lib which feels somewhat wrong for me.


#6 2024-03-09 11:30:29

Registered: 2020-02-29
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Re: radicale not starting with init-script

So with the first answer in my bug #1412 do actually have no idea where the right place is to post this..

So do I open a Devuan bug for this and if necessary the maintainers will bush it upstream, if necessary? (devuan -> debian -> radicale).

OK, that seems the wrong way to do it. I searched for radicale:
"There is no maintainer for radicale. This means that this package no longer exists (or never existed). Please do not report new bugs against this package."

Meanwhile on my installation:

# apt-cache search radicale
python3-radicale - simple calendar and addressbook server - python3 module
radicale - simple calendar and addressbook server - daemon

Same result for my chimeara (server) and daedalus(desktop) installation.

So, first upgrad my server to deadalus and then if the problem still exists a bug repost to debian (since there is no devuan maintainer) ?

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#7 2024-03-10 00:28:14

From: UK
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Re: radicale not starting with init-script

There is no radicale package maintainer in Devuan because there is no radicale package in Devuan - Devuan uses the Debian package unmodified.

Devuan only modifies a relatively small number of Debian packages (to remove systemd entanglement - usually when a package has "Depends: systemd"), the majority of packages are unmodified from Debian repositories.

(In addition to searching as you did, you can tell when you have a Devuan-modified package by looking for "devuan" in the Version, and checking for "pool/DEVUAN/" at the start of the filename. The radicale package does not have these, because it comes from Debian.)

So, if Debian's radicale package supplies a sysvinit script (which it appears to here), and you've identified a problem with that script, then the report should go via Debian's bug tracker  (i.e. not direct to Radicale's bug tracker).



#8 2024-03-10 09:29:17

Registered: 2020-02-29
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Re: radicale not starting with init-script

Thank you, very much for generating a easy and understandable explanation from my unsorted clutter.

As to the problem itself, that is addressed in this debian bugs: … ug=1038930 … ug=1055771
First one has a working patch, second has not.
Both aren't fixed yet.


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