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#1 2024-03-05 21:18:10

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how to make a (working well ! ;-) ...) snapshot for other linux instal

as I did explain here:

I'm not sure I understand what you want to do. If you want to change the contents of a live-iso, the easiest way is to install it into a VM, make the changes you want, and then make a new snapshot.

A less easy method is to mount the iso, mount filesystem.squashfs, copy both, chroot the filesystem and make the changes, re-squash the filesystem and then use xorriso (or other iso software) to make the new iso file.



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Re: save my refractasnapshot

Hi fsmithred
thank you for your help!
I use this way but it is very long.
Long time, I was not a friend of USB sticks because in 90 % of the tries they did not do what I did expect!
Until I read and discover in an helping answer that
make it always easy if you format correctly the stick, and that is
- until 4 GB: fat 16 + boot flag
- higher: fat 32 + boot flag
and since I know that I did never more had some stick which not goes correctly!

The result is:

I did buy a lot of cheap FAST mini USB cards (but not micro! for that reason they where really cheap, extremely cheap)...

But usb cards have a terrible propriety: they are (about all) black and have no writing field but an sticker. I you try to bring the sticker away, the surface become bad and you are not certain you can't damage the card reader... You can't not really note somewhat clear on the surface of an USB card to recognize it later!

And I am in this situation! My problem with the bad kernel was so, that I did make snapshots and snapshots and snapshots and die save then on cards to test then. And I can not any more see which one are good and which one are bad.

But I need cards again as the kernels, today, works again properly also on my PC's to restart my activity. So I will transfer per CLI the content of cards into ISO's as I don't have those ISO's as ISO files any more on the HD.

I come out a long time (4..5 months), where it was not possible any more for me to use Devuan / Devuan derivatives but had to continue my activities!

The result was: I had no choice! I was needing to look the other girls and test then for ability to be used! I was not had fidelity any more and have rediscover Ubuntu, gentoo and arch (with the help of Exton from, thank you very much, dear Exton, for your excellent works!). is a good periscope to look for the other girls without toil and fast!

I have especially a fantastic KDE linux 64  bit on arch I would like, now, to continue to nurse it!

And some other based on Gentoo (also KDE but not so small at the end...).

How to make some snapshot with then and possibly add refractainstaller?


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Re: how to make a (working well ! ;-) ...) snapshot for other linux instal


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