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#1 2024-01-17 16:05:27

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Is installing Daedalus from multiple CD broken?

I find a multi-CD install a wise option especially considering life under a war conditions. The offline-first installer lesser the requirements to the process of installing and it helps to be anonymous for those who matters safety. But every my attempt to install Devuan across 2 different laptop models ends up in some unrecoverable error but only if I chose to use more than 1 installation CD. It means that I can install a base system with Xfce successfully but I can not use other options if I am going to remain offline. Last time I was installing Devuan Daedalus I knew it ends up unsuccessfully if I chose anything except defaults in this step, so I photoed the most crucial steps of my failed installation for the sake of showing the photos here. I know it might be disgusting for someone to see the photos of screen instead of screenshots but I do not use virtual machines when I have some spare computers.

Here is my process:

  • I have done the first part of the installation process with CD1 in my cdrom,

  • then I have chosen Cinnamon instead of Xfce,

  • then the installer required the CD3 and did some installation from here,

  • then AFAIK the installer ought to ask the CD4 but what happens is asking the CD1,

  • and the last step is the error on a red screen immediately, with no additional activity with the CD1.

I believe this is not a problem of only CD4 by any means because if I chose Mate which AFAIK requires only CD1 and CD3, the next what happens after processing CD3 is the same error. And I am almost sure that this is not a problem of only CD3 part of the installator as well, because I have also tried to install Devuan with no Mate or Cinnamon and reached no success.

Do I have any possibilities to help enhancing the installer? For example, a 700MB CD disc is hard to get in 2024, but I so urged to install Devuan in a multi-disc way that I have bought 4 DVDs. A 1-DVD version named as "desktop" does not have Mate which I got used to, so I am not very interested in testing that version. But if to talk generally, I consider CD as an old technology, I would like to have a giant 8GB/32GB installer for USB flash drive of popular sizes for the sake of having every piece of software I might need if I am going to relocate to some bunker with no access to Internets.

Here is 10 photos of the process made in sequential order through a single installation process

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