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Announce: xterm-389 - 2024/01/01


Just got this in my inbox.
Things 'X11' continue to roll along steadily. 8^)




Announce: xterm-389 - 2024/01/01

Files: … rm-389.tgz … 89.tgz.asc … 9.patch.gz … tch.gz.asc … rm-389.tgz … 89.tgz.asc

                            Patch #389 - 2024/01/01

     * interchange  variables  in subparameter parsing, fixing a bug where
       subparameters  after  the  first  parameter  could be misidentified
       (patch by Adam Saponara).
     * correct  popping of icon/window titles in a case where only one was
       pushed from patch #385 changes.
     * add XTQMODKEYS response in DECRQSS, as alternative for vim.
     * correct  DECCIR encoded information on character set size, handle a
       VT525 quirk, and add DECST8C (Windows Terminal #14984).
     * improve  DECRQCRA  (prompted  by  discussion with James Holderness,
       Windows Terminal #14974).
     * add part of VT525 color controls:
          + DECAC,  to  update  default  foreground/background, respond to
          + DECATC, to respond with DECRQSS
     * prevent  Unicode  non-characters  from  being  printed (prompted by
       patch by Grady Martin).
     * modify  send_SGR()  to  avoid modifying colors 16 to 255 in printed
       output (patch by Grady Martin).
     * minor cleanup of miscellaneous error-codes with ERROR_MISC.
     * remove legacy CSI 53 for locator status, corrected in patch #294.
     * modify  DECRQUPSS  and  DECAUPSS feature to support VT5xx character
       sets (report by Thomas Wolff).
     * improve configure script:
          + reduce  configure-check compiler warnings (prompted by Florian
            Weimer, Redhat #2251945)
          + improve  usage messages in configure script to make it clearer
            when an option value is optional.
     * improve EWMH handling (report/analysis by Edward Rosten)
          + reset  _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN  flag  from  _NET_WM_STATE  before
            mapping the window to deiconify.
          + cache  X  properties  to reduce latency (adapted from patch by
            Edward Rosten).


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