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#1 2023-12-16 22:27:06

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Issue with new Thunderbird 115 Supernova and Devuan

Help, I am out of my league!! I am running Devuan 3 and upgraded my Thunderbird email client to version 115 called SuperNova - only to find that I no longer can install any add-ons/extensions from the main Thunderbird website.

No matter what add-on I choose - Thunderbird 115 shows the box "verifying and installing" in the upper right corner and then does nothing more. As a test...  I purged Thunderbird totally from my computer and then manually searched and deleting all related folders. Afterwards reinstalled Thunderbird 115 from scratch - only to find the same results. In fact - I found out any Thunderbird version up to 97 allows installation of add-ons without issue. Any newer Thunderbird versions do not.

I even tried skipped importing old data and re-setup all my email accounts from scratch during re-installation!!

I must use the newer 115 version because Hotmail/Outlook web has some strange OAUTH2 authorization that prevent me using earlier versions of Thunderbird with my Hotmail account. Also version 115 has fixed the old issue where RSS feeds from Google News were flagged invalid.

Is anyone else having the same issue - and if so.. have people found a workaround??

Thanks in advance...


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