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#1 2023-12-16 19:21:16

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Thunderbird 102 to 115 look and feel back to 102?

I just updated from chimaera to daedalus.

First annoyance: The new design of Thunderbird (102 vs. 115).

Is there a way to get the look and feel of Thunderbird 102 for 115? I looked into themes, but all howtos seem to be written for older Thunderbird versions..
There is a Theme called "Classic TB2", but that isn't usable beyond version 60, if I understand it correctly.

(This constant change with every new Version of Thunderbird/Firefox is so fckng annoying and I mean that in the annoying way MS windows is annoying. And I really grieve for the times the absence of that annoyance was a major advantage of Linux over MS..)


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