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#1 2023-10-12 19:11:17

From: Vancouver, BC, Canada
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The recent upgrade to daedalus left my package inventory with 53 supposedly obsolete packages. Many of them are obviously no longer needed, but my concern is that several packages with names including "nvidia-legacy-390" are on the list. The question is whether they are still necessary to provide support for my quite ancient graphics cards. In the most recent kernel upgrade to 6.1.0-13 dkms generated new kernel modules which work successfully; will everything still work if I remove the packages flagged as obsolete?

I would appreciate advice.

My newest machine has onboard intel graphics and is much more up to date.


#2 2023-11-08 21:20:19

From: Florida
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Re: nvidia-legacy-390

generally those old NVIDIA drivers are supported through the Nouveau Drivers, which are usually installed by default - I believe the last kernel that supported those legacy drivers was the 5.4 series - so no, there are no longer necessary


#3 2023-11-09 16:57:02

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Re: nvidia-legacy-390

It depends what your old graphics cards are. And if you just want them for screen display or want to use CUDA.

Obviously "nvidia-legacy-390" will only be needed for Nvidia cards. And it will be needed for CUDA.

I'd suggest trying out a live DVD/USB which doesn't have those drivers but does have nouveau. Or post a list of what cards you have.


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