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#1 2023-08-31 07:00:11

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[Solved] Upgrading from Chimaera to Daedalus Slim / x11 non-responsive

Hi everyone.

Upon trying my luck upgrading from Chimaera to Daedalus, (tried twice) and once beowulf to Daedalus (I know ;)

I end up with it loading slim and becoming completely unresponsive. Cannot even get into a tty. Force shutdown and boot in recovery works.
I ended up doing two things and got slim working but might only be temporary solution. upgrading from beowulf I ended up with a slim that would only ask for a username and never change to a password prompt. (close but hit a possibly solvable bug)

update-rc.d slim disable
apt install seatd
invoke-rc.d slim restart
update-rc.d slim enabled

I can manually tell it to start, not sure if installing seatd fixed my issue or not or it's an issue having it start through boot up. Either way after disabling slim again and booting. I got slim running using invoke-rc.d, just making a snapshot so I don't have to deal with the upgrade process again. Slim boots fine now after enabling slim to boot automagically. Unsure if seatd solved the issue but seems likely. I don't see anything on debian regarding this package. Either way it should be added as a dependency for slim if this is the case? For it's small size and rather automatic configuration I think that would upset no one if it was included as a recommended package or dependency.

I didn't see much in the logs. But little things I got out of notes I am seeing on Daedalus.
1. It is using dash instead of bash by default (Upstream debian)
2. now it is using wayland instead of x? Is this why I had slim hang? 
3. Is it possible to get a distro release note pushed on a distro upgrade much like earlier ascii documenting some of these large changes. Rather then grabbing the new Iso and finding a text file on the desktop? Every release the readme file be it for the installer or just general release notes has helped me in some way.

either way. With such large changes, I am surprised it's as smooth of a transition as it was.
I'm looking forward to the new stable release. Hoping I can contribute in some way.

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