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#1 2023-08-27 07:42:51

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Why I choose Devuan? nosystemd

At first, I bought a ubuntu_linux pc from Dell,
when I found out a "shameless report" folder in the ubuntu, I chose Debian.
Then one day, I deleted qBittorrent, and reinstalled qBittorrent, some problems occurred, and the error message is bullsh*t,
I searched on the internet, and found out the "" website,
I started to choose Devuan, and tried other no systemd linux.

Yes, the systemd is just like a black hole, and some programs can only run with the systemd or pulseaudio.
It is a pity.

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#2 2023-08-27 17:28:24

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Re: Why I choose Devuan? nosystemd

systemd is more than just a black hole, it also is a huge barrier at the same time against progress.

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#3 2023-11-13 13:00:27

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Re: Why I choose Devuan? nosystemd

no question Helen!

Ubuntu, the anti-ecology terror group, which wants to make billions of old PCs junk, with which billions of people from poor countries and areas are still very well learning, working and relaxing, and still do that with 32 bit systems years after the terrible decision from Ubuntu .. Real environmentalists have hatting Ubuntu since then!

Fortunately, several distributions have resisted the temptation and their already made decision to also do this, and still give us 32 bit OS's (I am a user with a powerful 64 bit hardware since ab. 20 years, but out of solidarity with the Poor countries I only use 64 bit systems extremely rarely for special purposes and then only by reading live OS's in the RAM)! Thank you Devuan, Debian, Mint (hm...). emmabuntüs (one of the distro's for poor countries and peoples), etc, etc., and Puppy Linux (also EasyOS: a French idealist did convert it this year in a French version to 32 bit under preserving the concept)!

In my opiinion is Linux ill, very ill: The main IDEA, the reason for the birth of Linux, was to port the winner system UNIX to MODEST USERS and now, as it became a success, Linux managers dare to try to de facto exclude the most modest ones, poor world!

The Linux evolution is pure disaster. Barry Kauler (Puppy Linux) did build a complete little Linux 64 bit environment having a size from under 100 MB (without browser) in one language (English) with all the stuff what an average home user needs (excepted browser! Browser is not recommendable as it is the stuff having the must frequent actualization's needs!). And you need today 100 time more to cover the SAME needs (or perhaps less) with the actual stand of 138 bit, not excuse me, 32 bit Linux (I did go in the wrong think direction!) and about 200 time more in 64 bit for new versions where repetitions follow to other repetition (install for ex. only the minimal graphic envir. into an empty Linux base with only a CLI access and, yes, you get immediately a graphic mode editor (xedit) and graphic mode calculator (xcalc) and a viewer (xditview) being not used or known any more since years by ALL distro builders. it is so. The chaos prevails over the tree directory and hurt the initial very good Unix and early Linux dispositions. 200 tongues or more are included to the system and you will use only 1 UNIQUE tongue with it! Linux is bloated like a bloated stomach...  It is a piety!

It would be an important activity, to clean that terribly old environment. Debian has yet the apex exceeded to do that. Clone Debian without systemD, yes, but don't copy in the illness, the cancer being to eat away Linux...


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