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#1 2023-08-20 20:17:53

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K3B without udisks2?

I'd like to use k3b, but it seems to require udisks2 now, which isn't happening for me since udisks2 insists on waking up 3 hard drives that I usually like to keep asleep using hdparm. I finally got my Devuan workstation working silently (main system is on SSD, these other hard drives are 14TB each and so too large for SSD) by removing udisks2. But now if I want k3b, then apparently I'll have to put up with my hard drives waking up randomly.

Does anyone know how I can either:

1. Stop udisks2 from waking up hard drives that aren't even in fstab any more (I mount manually using UUID when needed).


2. Get k3b but without udisks2 (could I do it from source, or would it still require whatever udisks2 provides?)


3. Some alternative to k3b that also has a nice graphical interface that makes it easy to build blu-ray archives and burn discs. I also like the drag-and-drop interface for building music mix CDs for the car, so command line, while doable usually for me, isn't ideal for this.

Any tips or suggestions?



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#2 2023-08-23 07:07:36

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Re: K3B without udisks2?

This might be possible, with some difficulty. Back in 2017 I created a Debian Jessie live CD that used SysVinit instead of systemd. Since I wanted this system to fit on a CD, I excluded as much stuff as possible that wasn't needed for the purpose for which it was designed. As a result, there was no udisks present, nor a bunch of related packages. It was possible because I found a file manager that could mount disks without it -- SpaceFM.

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