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#1 2023-08-09 20:28:22

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Newer hardware, don't install Chimaera, install Daedalus.

Anybody that has been working hard for time using Linux, knows that newer hardware needs newer software.
A Chinese Doctor, and probably the best nanotechnology doctor on the planet, once said to me hardware software same thing.
The Chinese software is out of sight and the American aeroplane is redundant obsolete, expensive, taxes.
My new mini-pc has got a 'spurious' sound codec, thanks Intel, won't work in Chimaera, and the newer firmware in Debian testing don't work either.
So install Daedalus for a great myriad of reasons.
Or make a wicker chair and then unweave the thing.


#2 2023-08-10 09:11:07

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Re: Newer hardware, don't install Chimaera, install Daedalus.

Always best to use slightly older tech than the latest with Linux/BSD as drivers have to be reverse engineered, & this can take some months. smile


#3 2023-08-10 13:04:56

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Re: Newer hardware, don't install Chimaera, install Daedalus.

My default advice remains: install the current Stable.

For newer hardware, one can use backports to get more recent kernel/firmware. (See for details.)

If hardware is still too new, one should ask themselves why they're running an OS designed for stability and yet purchasing hardware that is too new to have been proven as reliable, and consider if something like Artix is a better companion for such hardware.

How to know if hardware is too new? Check on to see what OSes other people are running on it, and/or consult the relevant kernel changelogs.

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