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#1 2023-08-03 17:21:55

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The Perfect instalation ( Help! )

Hello guys!,

Im ready to migrate to Devuan! Ive been reading a lot, and installed it on Virtual Machines. Now the challenge is going to be real, Im installing it on bare metal.

My WorkStation:

CPU T5610 Dual Xenon E5-2620 v2
GPU Nvidia Quadro K2000 - 2GB.
1 - Storage
  --  256GB SSD  --> SYS
  --  500GB Blue HDD >> SYS
  --  1000GB Blue HDD >> Backups


This PC i bought it con XMAS at 300USD, it came with Windows 10 working horrible. Tried to play several games but the last ones lagged a lot, the OS was running laggy too, then I installed Debian XFCE on the 500HD with a LVM installation, it worked as I had to upgrade my GPU.

Last month I installed bookworm, and download the last version of drivers 470 on nvidia official page and with GNOME works like a charm! So now that I dont need to upgrade things or try more things I would like to eliminate systemd from my machine and learn.

My applications I use are minimal: Firefoz , Telegram, Discord, Element, HexChat, Barrier, Mullvlad client, and wine. I tried to search for the package query page and all packages are unless Mullvlad,but i got a patch in github.

My doubts are this:
1 - I have a 250GB disk size with qemu and lxc images it doesnt get to confy, so how should my partition sheme be to get a good performance out of my little SSD and my 500HDD?
2- Can I install Nvidia-470-tesla-driver just like Debian?
3- What type of init system shoudl I choose? SysV, OpenRC or Runit?
4- Understanding I will be doing a lot of not such good practice is there a program I can make images (snapshots) if some of my systems got corrupt or broken?

I alrready have my Devuan_4.0.3_chimarea_desktop.iso in a USB, so Im waiting for some doubts.

Thanks a lot, have a nice day!



#2 2023-08-04 00:50:17

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Re: The Perfect instalation ( Help! )

I would
(1) invest in a new small SSD - just 20 bugs, it's worth it.
(2) use the the nvidia drivers from the non-free devuan repo (not the installer offered by nvidia)
(3) sysV-init is default

The counterpart to debian bookworm is devuan daedalus (but not yet released as new stable), the current stable release is still chimaera.


#3 2023-08-06 01:03:08

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Re: The Perfect instalation ( Help! )

Not possible at all.

There is no perfect install. In fact, most everything has no perfect that I know of.


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