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#1 2023-03-07 10:20:13

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Disable multible IPs on one NIC

My computers runs in an AAA environment which means that the VLAN assigned to the NIC often changes, and sometimes they are assigned the wrong VLAN. My issue is that when this happens my NIC remembers two IP's. The IP from the wrong VLAN, and IP from the correct VLAN. But my network breaks because my computer then tries to use the route from the wrong VLAN.

1. Is there a way to force only one IP at a time? Have dhclient override current IP and to force the new lease info in the routing table and NIC?
2. Why is this default behavior to have the NIC support two IP's? I do not understand why this needs to be default behavior on a newly installed system? I would think that this creates more hassle than not?

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