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#1 2023-01-21 17:05:28

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Simple Apache with PHP media hosting for LAN?

Forever ago I had used Single File PHP Gallery to host our family picture library from my Linux machine. It was (and still is) pretty great, but it doesn't handle video files and it's not great on mobile (Android browsers). So I was wondering if you folks had any suggestions for similar programs that will work better in those regards?

I don't want a dedicated NAS computer, in part because I don't want to be bothered managing it, but also because we don't happen to already own a suitable 24/7/365 low power PC and I don't want to buy one. The main reason though is that I know I won't live forever, so when I kick the bucket my wife and kids need to be able to actually use all our pictures and videos without my help. Truly, the best way for them is basically, "turn on Dad's computer, click the link he put on my phone" or "turn on Dad's computer, log into my account and click on the Family folder" or "plug the redundant back up external drive into my computer". We've tried both Windows and Linux shared network folders over the years and they're either unreliable or the end-users just don't "get it".

I was looking at Nova Gallery, but much like SFPG it doesn't handle videos and both of these tools require generating thumbnails inside the same dir as the original images, which is something I don't want. I'd rather symlink to the head media dir (on the hard drive) and store the thumbnails in /var/www/html/ (on the SSD where Devuan is installed).

If I can't find anything suitable, I will create something myself, but I'd rather not spend my time reinventing this wheel! smile


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